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Mountain Rose-1

I’ve recently rediscovered how yummy a tart apple and sharp cheese can be when eaten together. Yes, in the same bite. If you’ve never had it, you might call me crazy, but seriously, don’t knock it ’til you try it. Divine! And if you know me, you know I will be cutting bite sized pieces of the apple along with enough bites of cheese to eat exactly one with every bit of apple. What? I’m serious about my snacking, ok? Ok. Hahaha… My absolute favorite combo is granny smith with Tillamook’s vintage white cheddar.

That is, until I found these beauties at Kiyokawa Family Orchards on my second trip to the Fruit Loop (check out my original post on the Hood River Fruit Loop for more info on this amazing orchard!). They are aptly named Mountain Rose, with a slightly blushed green/yellow skin and beautiful pink flesh that has a sweet tart flavor.

Mountain Rose-2

We happened to stop in on the weekend they were having their annual Heirloom Apple and Pear Tasting, complete with a tasting of over 100 varieties of apples and pears – some from as early as the 1700’s! Since we were in the neighborhood for wine tasting and had been at it for a few hours, this was a welcomed break… Oy. As soon as I tasted the Mountain Rose, I knew I had to take some home. Luckily, they carried about 80% of the varieties in their fruit stand, most grown right there on the orchard. Bonus: Even though it was a seemingly unique variety, these apples (and all the apples in their stand and u-pick areas) were significantly lower in price than what is available in the stores. Yes, I know we spent gas money to get there, but don’t argue with me – the drive, the views and the fruit make it totally and completely worth it. :-D

Mountain Rose-1

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  1. Zak Koehler Zak Koehler says:

    I love me some sharp cheddar and apples. Nom Nom Nom

  2. Sue Kever says:

    Hi Wanda, I used to live in North West Washington In !974/75. In Ferndale to be exact. We loved it there but due to my husbands job at the time we were forced to move back to Calif. A move I wish we had never had to do. I am sure I am going to really enjoy your blog and will be sharing much with my Facebook friends! Have a great day!

    • MacSuzie says:

      Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by, and I am so glad you like it so far! As you can see, I am in the very beginning stage, but I hope to have lots more content for you to check out in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to like MacSuzie on Facebook to keep up with all of my latest posts (and make it easy to share them with your friends). I am also on Pinterest if you’d like to follow me there.

      I’m sorry that you had to move away and wish you didn’t – it sure it beautiful up here! It makes the fact that I miss my friends and family just a little more bearable. :)

      ~ MacSuzie

      P.S. My real name is Lindsey, not Wanda – I’m not sure where you saw that! Hahahaha!

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