Mirror Update

Mirror Update - 9

Several years ago, I bought this mirror at a Pier 1 closing sale for only $15. At the time, I had a gorgeous red wall and it was perfect! Now, not so much. My tastes have changed a bit and the mirror seemed a little medieval compared to all the vintage mid-century touches I have around the house. But… I couldn’t bear to part with it. So, I decided to give it a little color makeover to coordinate better with the colors of some fabric I just bought for window treatments in my dining room and kitchen.

It’s amazing what a little bit of elbow grease and a couple cheap bottles of craft paint will do! This easy redo is perfect for the items of which you love the “bare bones,” but don’t quite fit or match your style or color palette.

 Mirror Update-11

Here’s the fabric. The blue is the color of my kitchen, and I love the vintage red! It will go perfectly with my Fiesta ;-)


Mirror Update

This is the original mirror. My plan is to tackle the brassy colored metal strips and medallions.


Mirror Update-4

These are the colors I chose. I figured if I use a mixture of these two colors on top of the brassy metal, it will give it a little bit of a patina look. As a plus, each of these bottles were only a $1.50 AND this brand is manufactured in the USA. :)


Mirror Update-5

I started by using the darker aqua, brushing it over the exposed metal and then using my fingers to rub a little off here and there.


Mirror Update-6

On top of that, I brushed on a little of the lighter blue, again rubbing off a little here and there. You can see a little of the darker aqua peeking through. On some strips, I layered a little more of the darker aqua in the nail divets to give it more dimension. The key is to layer and remove the colors until it looks the way you want. Each item I painted ended up looking slightly different, and that’s ok!


Mirror Update-7

Next, I started on one of the medallions, the same process as with the strips – darker color first.


Mirror Update-8

Adding the light blue.


Mirror Update - 9

Here is a before/after completed section. It’s getting there! Not a huge change, but the brassy metal is gone, and my blue is in!


Mirror Update-12



Mirror Update-13

And finally, hanging on the wall. I love it! (and my vintage hat in the reflection, hahaha)

Let me know what you think!