A Little Sunshine

A Little Sunshine

It may not be as cold in Vancouver as it is in the Midwest right now, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing for spring! Since we moved into our home mid-summer last year, I missed what spring looked like and I’m so excited to see what Mother Nature has in store for me! Until then, I’ll just have to make do… 

These mini daffodils were staring straight at me as soon as I came into the grocery store yesterday. I couldn’t resist! Last year, my sister dressed up my kitchen by putting a beautiful orchid in my little tin, and what a lovely idea it was! So once again, I decided to bring a little sunshine to my space. They had some orchids as well, but I didn’t really have luck with the last one, and the daffodils were a STEAL at only $3.99 per pot. Plus, daffodils always remind me of my grandma and how every spring her yard was filled with all sorts of varieties of these. Tulips, too, but that’s for another day and another post, hahaha! I paired the little cuties with one of my favorite antique store finds and my breakfast nook windowsill hasn’t looked this cheerful since we moved in :)  (Zak is cheerful, too, since altogether it cost me less than $10!)

 A Little Sunshine-02808

Simply purchase a planter of flowers that fits into your container (or vice versa), drop in the flowers (plastic container and all) and VOILA! Adorable! Definitely make use of any favorite containers you already have on hand, or even just tie a ribbon around an old coffee can with the label peeled off. Don’t forget to water the little guy and put him in a spot he’ll love. (If you have a green thumb, make sure you check the label on the original planter for all the important details!)

 A Little Sunshine-02804

Happy Sunshine!

P.S. This would also make a cheerful gift for someone who needs a smile :) Daffodils make EVERYONE smile!

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  2. […] I like to have an idea for the theme and size of my arrangement, as well as which container I plan to use, BEFORE I purchase my flowers. That way, I am less likely to purchase too many or not enough flowers and I choose the right types of flowers for what I’m planning. Of course, I still sometimes buy on a whim as I’m walking by a flower stand ;-) See THAT kind of handiwork here >> A Little Sunshine […]

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