Valentine’s Day At Home

MacSuzie - Valentine's Day At Home

Don’t worry about an expensive Valentine’s Day dinner out – stay cozy at home with the ones you love! These recipes are not only delicious, they’re fairly quick and easy too. That way, you won’t spend the whole evening in the kitchen and can have plenty of time to spend with your Valentines. Plus, everything is kid-friendly, in case your Valentine’s Day celebration is a family one. ♥


MacSuzie - Heart Pizza

Start with a homemade Homemade Heart Pizza! You can make one big one, or several smaller ones with different toppings on each. Perfect when you don’t agree with your Valentine on which toppings are the best ;-)


MacSuzie - Quick No-Cook Pizza Sauce

You’ll definitely want to make your own pizza sauce. This Quick No-Cook Pizza Sauce takes all of 5 minutes and is WAY better than the jarred stuff. Grab an extra refrigerated pizza dough to make some bread sticks and use this delicious sauce for dipping.


MacSuzie - Conversation Heart Brownies

For dessert, make a pan of your favorite brownies and have fun adding your own personal messages to these Conversation Heart Brownies. Just like the traditional heart candies – minus the chalky gross candy, hahahaha!


MacSuzie - Brownie Cheesecake Truffles

If you don’t end up eating all the yummy scraps from your cutout brownies, try your hand at these amazing, super rich Brownie Cheesecake Truffles. All you need is a pan of brownies (or half, if you made some cutouts), some cream cheese and chocolate to dip them. Make ’em extra purdy with some sprinkles :)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

♥ MacSuzie


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