Library Sneak Preview

MacSuzie: "Library" Shelving

In our new home, we have a wonderful light filled area with vaulted ceilings which I’ve dreamed of making into a library/office ever since we moved in. Well, our tax return came in last week and gave me just the budget I needed to finally get this project started!


Here is the “before.” It’s already a huge improvement on what it looked like when we moved in. The previous owners must’ve REALLY loved yellow, because it was in pretty much every room in the house, all different shades – sometimes more than one in the same room (this one!). I changed out the yellow in favor of a plum on two of the walls (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do a crazy color on a wall!), and painted the remaining walls the same warm grayish-tan that we have in our hall and family rooms.

Kea insisted on being a part of this shot… She’s such an adorable ham!


MacSuzie: "Library" Shelving

And here is a little sneak preview of what I’ve started to do – my “library” shelves! Sorry for the dark photo – I was so excited I couldn’t resist snapping an evening photo while under construction… Stay tuned to see how I finish off the wall of shelves to look like a big built in unit, as well as how I rearrange and accessorize the rest of the room :)

♥ MacSuzie

5 Responses to Library Sneak Preview

  1. Zak Koehler Zak Koehler says:

    I love the pic of Kea.

  2. Kimmi says:

    Love love love!!!

    • MacSuzie says:

      I’m so excited to finally REALLY tackle this room! You’ve seen the start, and the colors, but just WAIT until you see the rest of what’s in store… ;-)

  3. Jody says:

    I like the fun color wall and the teal accents. Very fresh and hip. (stole that word from Heidi Klum)

    • MacSuzie says:

      Thank you! I’m in love with the colors as well, I just need to rearrange some things to give us some more room to move around, plus utilize all the great wall space :)

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