Adorable (and easy!) Penguin Cupcakes

MacSuzie: Easy Penguin Cupcakes

Of all the cupcakes I’ve created over the past several years, these penguin cupcakes are probably my favorite. They were made to celebrate my little buddy Jayden’s first birthday, which was an extra special one given the circumstances. Born 11 weeks early, we didn’t even get to celebrate his mom’s baby shower because Jayden came before the party date! With the exceptional care he received from the medical staff as well as the love and care from his parents and family, this little dude fought against the odds of being born early and turned 4 years old last month – wahooo!!!


Jayden's 4th Birthday-2

Being an adorable 4 year old Leonardo must be tough…


Jayden's 4th Birthday-1

Here he is with his mom and dad on the day of his party. (Being 2,300 miles away, I didn’t get to do his cupcakes this year, but his mom did a fantastic job with some Ninja Turtle cupcake toppers. So fun!)

Anyway, back to the cupcakes!


MacSuzie: Easy Penguin Cupcakes

A couple of years ago, my sister gave me this book (at least I think it was my sister – I have several cupcake books, all given to me by different people, hahaha!), and these cupcakes were the first ones I tried out of it. The great thing about this book is that none of the techniques or skills are “professional” and almost all of the ingredients are readily available in your grocery store. The writers, Karen Tack and Alan Richardson (dubbed the “MacGyver” of candy – how appropriate!) do a really great job of laying out the directions and making it easy for you to recreate the cupcakes.

I will say that some of the cupcakes do take longer than others to create, as some designs have several steps (such as refrigerating) in between each decorating phase. HOWEVER, many of these steps can be done in advance or over the course of a few days. I did not really prepare for this, which resulted in my staying up until 4:30 in the morning on the day of the birthday party… Ooops! In the end, they looked fabulous, so I didn’t really care how tired I was, hahaha!


MacSuzie: Easy Penguin Cupcakes

The penguin themed party was in February and I happened to recall these cuties on the back cover of my new Christmas gift. I apologize that I don’t have detailed instructions/photos, but these were done “pre-blog” and I have no reason to make these at the moment, hahaha! The basic pieces of the body are a cupcake for the base, along with a mini doughnut sliced in half, then topped with a doughnut hole. Each piece is “glued” together with frosting and frozen before the whole thing is dipped in melted frosting. If you look closely at the photo, you might be able to see the description of the “pieces” of the penguins…

OR just download the adorable new (FREE!!!) app from the creators of the book. It just so happens that they chose the penguins as one of the several cupcakes they demonstrate! It is a really superb app with the option to watch a step by step video tutorial or read the instructions (with a grayed out video in the background). They also provide tutorials for some of the basic techniques used, such as tinting frosting or dipping built pieces. Hit up the app website here for more details. If you like the free app, I highly recommend purchasing additional cupcake tutorials or just buy the books (there are two, both have TONS of adorable cupcake step-by-step instructions). Here is a link to their website and a list of their books. I cannot say enough regarding how awesome their tutorials really are – you can create their designs even if you are a beginner! P.S. Their food cupcakes are a total hoot – especially “corn on the cob” and “Chinese food take out” – hilarious!


MacSuzie: Easy Penguin Cupcakes

Here are my penguins on the “march,” complete with a “fishing line” filled with their catch of the day. The instructions for those accent cupcakes are not on the app, but ARE in the book.


MacSuzie: Easy Penguin Cupcakes

I took one penguin a step further and added a fruit roll up birthday hat with the birthday boy’s initial…


MacSuzie: Easy Penguin Cupcakes

AND created a fun “smash” cake for Jayden to dig into after we sang!


Be prepared for your party guests to be amazed by your awesome cupcake creations – when you know the secret that they were super easy to make! :)

♥ MacSuzie


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