Spring Has Sprung!

MacSuzie | Spring 2014

I’m a seasonal junkie… I have a love/hate relationship with each one and I can’t help it. There isn’t a season I dislike, and I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. Every new one that comes along, I’m all “Yay! It’s XXXX!” Then, halfway through, it’s something to the tune of “Ugh, I can’t wait for XXXX to be over and XXXX to be here!” Each season carries it’s own natural beauty, family memories, favorite activities, birthdays and of course holidays (pretty much all of which I love – and don’t ask me to pick a favorite).

I’m sure all of this stems from growing up in the Midwest, where not only do we have four distinct seasons, it is not uncommon to experience all 4 in the span of a week, hahaha! Moving to the Portland, OR area, I was a little worried I’d miss out on all of that, because all it does is rain in Portland, right? HA! That’s what everyone in the Midwest WANTS you to think! So far, I’m loving it here! In June it will be a year, and so far I haven’t missed out on anything, except shoveling massive amounts of snow that everyone back home is getting… ;-) I do miss the snow a little bit, but I got a taste of that here anyway, just enough to wet my whistle and satisfy my Midwest nostalgia.

But… now it’s SPRING! I’m so excited to see new life popping up all around me and explore even more of my new home. Moving here last June meant that we missed the spring flowers and plants of our new yard, and it has been so fun seeing things poke up from the ground. I can’t wait to see everything in bloom! For a couple weeks now, there have been new leaves popping up all throughout our flower beds, so imagine my delight when something finally bloomed!


MacSuzie | Spring 2014

I scared the crap out of Zak about a week ago when I went outside to grab the mail and screamed when I saw this little gem. I couldn’t believe it! The first week of March and already a daffodil! I wasn’t sure I’d have any of these, so a few weeks back I bought some for inside (see the photos of that project here). I can see plenty of tulip leaves popping up as well – I wonder what colors/varieties I’ll have?


MacSuzie | Spring 2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE! How cute is this little mini guy?! Makes me think of my grandma’s house back home – her yard was always FILLED with these in the spring, all different varieties. Which reminds me, I have some bulbs from her yard that I brought with me that I need to get planted STAT – I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for them!

Happy Spring, Everyone!

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