Indy 500 Race Cupcakes & Carb Day Memories

MacSuzie | Indy 500 Race Cupcakes

Really, these cupcakes should be called “Carb Day Cupcakes,” but I have a feeling that anyone reading my blog west of the Mississippi would have no idea what I’m talking about, or else think that these cupcakes are meant for the opposite of “Atkins Diet Day.” (see what I did there?)

Anyway, Carb Day is actually short for “Carburetion Day” which is the Friday right before the Indy 500 race, and a big part of the Indy 500 race weekend tradition. Historically, this is the day that drivers and their teams would “tune” their carburetors to get ready for the big race on Sunday. Today, anyone within 50 miles of Indianapolis uses this day as an excuse to play hooky from work and have a blast partying down at the track, complete with a Pit Stop contest for the race teams, giant smoked turkey legs, women in tube tops and not much else, beer enough for all of central Indiana to consume and usually a great set of rock bands to boot. Even if you only have the strength to do it once, Carb Day is an amazingly hilariously awesome sight to see and enjoy!

Even luckier for me and my husband, some of our best friends live in a home in old Speedway, IN, within walking distance of the track. Every year, they put on a Carb Day party complete with 130 lbs of home smoked meat, musical guest, porta-johns, some of the craziest drunken antics to rival the Snake Pit (look it up!) and a guest list that would put to shame some of the most posh Indy gala events. Instead of BYOB, my contribution in the past several years has been BYO-Cupcakes, Deviled Eggs, Pasta Salad and Potato Salad. Sadly, this year leaves me many MANY miles away from the party so all I can do is reminisce in last year’s memories… (and probably a little time in the kitchen to satisfy the start of summer cravings for the aforementioned food!)

Here are a few photos from last year, including the infamous Carb Day Cupcakes!


MacSuzie - Carb Day Memories & Indy 500 Race Cupcakes

Eagerly awaiting Bret Michaels to make his appearance… Gotta love the photo bomb!


MacSuzie - Carb Day Memories & Indy 500 Race Cupcakes-4

He’s pointing at me – I swear it! LOL!!!


MacSuzie - Carb Day Memories & Indy 500 Race Cupcakes-2

 An AMAZING show! So fun!


MacSuzie - Carb Day Memories & Indy 500 Race Cupcakes

 Enjoying every minute of it! (yes, I know – wrong band – but still applies here!)


MacSuzie - Carb Day Memories & Indy 500 Race Cupcakes-3

A rear view of Jami’s killer home-sewn dress…


MacSuzie | Carb Day Memories

And more fun back at the house! It’s a testament to the awesomeness of the party that I honestly have no recollection of this photo being taken. At. All. LOL!


MacSuzie | Indy 500 Race Cupcakes

Plus, the cupcakes! Easy to make with your favorite box mix and vamped up with homemade butter cream frosting. A wide stripe of dark chocolate frosting, topped with M&Ms in traffic light colors and completed with checkered flags picks – perfect for any race occasion!


MacSuzie | Indy 500 Race Cupcakes

Thank goodness there was another tray of them hidden for after the concert! ;-)


Let me know what you think!