Summer Floral Door Wreath | Summery Floral Door Wreath

A year ago on the 20th, Zak and I rolled into town through the Gorge on a sunny gorgeous day, with Mount Hood on our left and the Columbia River on my right, unsure of what “our next great adventure” would bring us… I was already homesick, I had just spent about 33 hours in the car over the course of 2 1/2 days, and I hadn’t never even set a foot inside the house we were signing a mortgage on the next day. Butterflies? HA! Those suckers had to be the size of ostriches to account for how I was feeling! Everything we had known for several years, and everything we THOUGHT we were planning for the future for that matter, had turned upside down in that last 4 months.

I mean, when we drove away from the first home my husband and I owned together – away from the blood, sweat and tears we had put into it – I swear it seemed like we were leaving a piece of our lives behind. So many happy memories… In fact, although I had completely agreed with the move and our plans for this new future (a move for which I worked hard to prepare in a VERY short time), I kept telling myself that if we didn’t like it we could always move “back home,” almost as if I was hoping the situation would be temporary.

However, this year has brought us more fun, adventure and opportunity to grow than I ever imagined – both professionally for each of us as well as in our marriage together. Our home is more beautiful than anything for which I could’ve hoped and we work hard to make it even more “ours” every day. I’ve seen Zak blossom in his new job, we’ve played in the ocean, climbed up a waterfall, hiked in the foothills, explored the river valley, sampled some of Portland’s famous brew, eaten some AMAZING local food – the list goes on. Plus, was “born”, which for me is the true meaning of “do what you love and love what you do.” :) At times, it seems like we are on a perpetual vacation, as one friend put it, hahaha!

Don’t get me wrong, we have our ups and downs, and there are days when I really, really, I mean REEAAAALLLLY miss my family and friends and my old stomping grounds back in Indiana. But we’ve met some wonderful friends out here and we have new restaurants and hangouts and favorite places. Yes, we did leave a piece of our lives back in Indiana – pieces really – family, friends, the beginning of our marriage. But not our hearts, or our “home.” Our hearts are together – that is what is most important.

Really and truly, home is where the heart is.


Ok, enough gushy stuff, hahaha!!! To celebrate one year in our new home, I decided that my front door needed a little sprucing up. Until now, with the exception of the Christmas season, I’ve had an adorable dried flower wreath on my door. My sister (you know, the green thumb I’ve mentioned in other posts? She’s also a whiz at floral arrangement!) made it for me right before I left and it made the 2,300 mile trip with us. I put it on the door the minute we arrived :) Sadly, it has seen better days and the flowers are now pretty faded.

In it’s place I decided I wanted something similar, but also not as complicated and or time-consuming to create. I came up with the idea to use a grapevine wreath, and opted for floral wire to temporarily (but securely) attach some fun accessories that I could switch in and out with the seasons. | Summer Floral Door Wreath

To start, I used some slightly sparkly burlap wired ribbon (the same I used for my simple homemade bow and Christmas wreath) to hang the grapevine from the hook on my front door. | Summer Floral Door Wreath

I added the ever-Pinteresting jute-wrapped initial – pinned a million times, yet still adorable! And, of course, it matched my favorite ribbon, hahaha!

(And yes, it kills me that the K is crooked in this photo, but as the only decoration so far it threw the weight was off a bit and I couldn’t prevent it, LOL!) | Summer Floral Door Wreath


From there, I added some silk flowers I found in the single-stem clearance bin at my local craft store. A few on the right side… | Summer Floral Door Wreath


And a small cluster to balance it out on the left side. | Summer Floral Door | Summer Floral Door Wreath

All secured with thin floral wire – easily hidden and easily removed when my mood changes and I feel like doing switching it up a bit. I think I see some leaves and pumpkins on the horizon ;-) | Summer Floral Door Wreath

To finish it off, I went very Portlandia and “put a bird on it!” | Summer Floral Door Wreath

I coordinated it to match my window boxes… | Summer Floral Door Wreath

And my hanging basket! Some of my favorite colors, all together :) | Summer Floral Door Wreath

Voila! My new front door wreath :)

C’mon knock on my door…


13 Responses to Summer Floral Door Wreath

  1. I love this post and I love this project! Gorgeous!

  2. Mary Ann says:

    I love how such a simple project can make such a difference! Looks great!

    • MacSuzie says:

      Thank you! Hahaha, I’m all about quick and easy :) The hardest (well, not really hard, just a bit tedious) was wrapping the jute around that dang letter K!

  3. Pech says:

    What a great little project but it really is welcoming and so pretty to look at! Where did you source your silk flowers- I sometimes look around for them but some of the silk flowers I see are so cheap looking but yours look wonderful

    • MacSuzie says:

      Ah! I should’ve mentioned that in my post! Craft Warehouse :) They have locations in Vancouver and Portland, and one happens to be within walking distance of my house – which is wonderful and terrible all at once, hahaha! The 2 sprays on the right hand side were $2 and $3, and the 3 stems on the left were each $1 – gotta love a good bargain that doesn’t look like a bargain!

  4. I don’t know which is more lovely: your blog post or your wreath. Congratulations on a wonderful year, and may you continue to find much joy here, as I did. I moved here from New Jersey in 1998, and here is where I shall stay! <3

    • MacSuzie says:

      Thank you so much! It has truly been a wonderful year and we are here to stay as well – as far as I can see anyway, hahaha!

  5. Rachel Lloyd says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog from Pech, excited to start following along!

    • MacSuzie says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been taking a little break lately, but I working on getting back in the swing of things. I hope you find more that you enjoy :)

  6. Cute! Thank you for sharing this in the Hallmark FB group! I have it bookmarked for the spring!

    • MacSuzie says:

      Thanks, Robyn! Hahaha, I need to get going on a fall one because this one is still hanging! BTW, I just followed you on Pinterest – so many great ideas!!!

  7. That wreath is a beautiful welcoming piece! I moved from Kansas sixteen years ago, and while I miss friends and family can’t imagine my life anywhere else. Welcome to Oregon!

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