Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle + GIVEAWAY

MacSuzie | Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle - This delicious and easy gingerbread latte will spice up your morning routine and put you in the holiday mood for sure!

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In the coming weeks, I imagine you will be running yourself ragged trying to prepare for the holidays. My major undertaking (to the delight of my friends and family) is baking, and I always like a fun holiday drink to keep going and keep my spirits up.

But who has time to go get such things while you are elbow deep in flour and sugar? (and in the middle of the night, no less? yes, one night in particular, I may have stayed up a full 36+ hours prepping…) I sure don’t! That is, unless I coordinate with one of my several trips back to the store to get something I forgot… LOL! (Let’s be real, I wouldn’t be the one making those trips anyway, and I’d rather not see my adorable husband’s eyes pop out of his head when I try to convince him to make a Starbucks© run while he’s at it…).

The solution? The Gingerbread Latte.

MacSuzie | Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle - This delicious and easy gingerbread latte will spice up your morning routine and put you in the holiday mood for sure!

The gingerbread flavored syrup at the base of this drink is the perfect thing to pump up your morning coffee (afternoon… evening… who are you kidding with that certain paper cup glued to your hand?!). So simple and done in no time, you’ll be so glad you made this recipe so you don’t have to wait in line at you-know-where. Use a couple pumps in your regular brewed coffee or go all out to concoct a latte. Be the hostess with the mostess and make a double batch so you can have plenty on hand for overnight guests or morning visitors!


MacSuzie - Gingerbread Latte-22

Anyone else obsessed with speculoos cookies – aka “airplane cookies” – ??? I think United is the one who hands them out – so good, and perfect for a little something sweet with coffee. Trader Joe’s has them now, but you can find the brand name – Lotus – pretty much everywhere these days.

MacSuzie | Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle - This delicious and easy gingerbread latte will spice up your morning routine and put you in the holiday mood for sure!

Ah, the ever-important drizzle. Probably one of my favorite Starbucks© hacks. Although I can’t say for sure that this is exactly like the mystery molasses concoction is they use, I think it comes pretty darn close. Molasses was too strong by itself, but caramel alone was not right either. Mix the two and tah dah!

And while I don’t go completely nuts to make my own spiced whipped cream (although that would be so great for a brunch!), a little cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled over the top really hits the spot. :)


MacSuzie | Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle - This delicious and easy gingerbread latte will spice up your morning routine and put you in the holiday mood for sure!

I like to keep my homemade syrups in recycled pump bottles with handy labels.


MacSuzie | Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle - This delicious and easy gingerbread latte will spice up your morning routine and put you in the holiday mood for sure!

I’ve had no problems keeping mine on the counter for a couple weeks, but for longer storage on my double batches I keep the extra in the fridge. This syrup would also make a great gift for that coffee (or tea!) lover in your life – just package in a mason jar with a pump dispenser (check your local craft store for these – I’ve seen them EVERYwhere lately).

BTW – wondering what that weird hexagonal shaped doo-hickey is next to my grinder? That is my AeroPress® coffee press – thank you to AeroPress® for sponsoring the giveaway! Read my equipment notes below (sorry, the giveaway has closed).



[ I first posted this info in my recipe for White Chocolate Mocha, but thought the info would be useful here as well :) ]

I was recently listening to an America’s Test Kitchen podcast, in which they recommended an espresso press called AeroPress® Coffee & Espresso Maker by Aerobie®. Having been a devoted Keurig user for several years without successfully being able to replicate a delicious espresso brew (instead occasionally using added instant espresso powder for boosted flavor), I thought I’d give the gadget a try (it was only $25 and fully returnable to the store if it failed).

MacSuzie | Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle - This delicious and easy gingerbread latte will spice up your morning routine and put you in the holiday mood for sure!

photo courtesy of Aerobie® website

IT. WAS. AMAZING! After one brew (super simple process very similar to a French press), I put the Keurig away in the cabinet and will probably sell it at my next garage sale. I’m not kidding. This thing is SO easy to use and easy to clean – even better than my reusable k-cups! All you need is hot water, plus finely ground coffee (I like espresso roast, but you can use whatever you want!).

Side note – I am a huge fan of both my grinder (fresh coffee in seconds) and my electric milk frothing pitcher (perfectly sized for heating/frothing enough milk for 2 lattes/cappuccinos). I’ve learned that for the best tasting coffee, grinding your own is a must and my little grinder works just perfectly for me. Nothing fancy, but it’s fresh! As for the frothing pitcher, I’ve used milk, coconut milk and even eggnog in the pitcher – while each froths differently, all of them are heated to the perfect temperature to add to my beverage. I got a great deal on Amazon for both and use them almost every morning

Between these three products (the total of which cost me significantly less than the price of my Keurig), I have the ability to make delicious coffee drinks in my own home, leaving the coffee shops for special occasions only. :)

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Gingerbread Latte w/ Caramel Molasses Drizzle
Cook time
Total time
This delicious and simple gingerbread latte (with caramel molasses drizzle!) will spice up your morning routine and put you in the holiday mood for sure!
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 2.5 cups
For the Gingerbread Syrup:
  • 1½ cup water
  • 1½ cup sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. ground ginger or 2 inch chunk fresh
  • 1½ tsp. ground cinnamon or 3 sticks
  • ½ tsp. ground nutmeg
  • ¼ tsp. ground cloves or 3 whole cloves
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract or 1 whole vanilla bean

For the Drizzle:
  • ½ cup molasses
  • ½ cup caramel sauce

To Make the Mocha Drink:
  • ¼-1/3 cup White Chocolate Mocha Mix
  • a double shot of espresso or 8-12 oz. brewed coffee
  • espresso powder, optional
  • whipped cream, optional
  • drizzle, optional (see included recipe)
  • ground cinnamon/nutmeg, optional
For the Gingerbread Syrup:
  1. Boil water, sugar and spices (including whole vanilla bean, but NOT extract) over medium heat for about 10 minutes until slightly thickened. Be careful not to let it boil over.
  2. If using extract, add to the mixture off the heat.
  3. Let cool slightly before using or storing. For a smoother syrup, strain though cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer. Makes about 2½ cups.
  4. Store long term in the fridge or on your counter for a couple weeks. Note: these are not FDA approved times or anything like that, so don't hold me to these guidelines. Use your best judgement.

For the Drizzle:
  1. Combine the caramel sauce and molasses, stirring until well mixed.
  2. Store in a squeeze type condiment bottle (recycled or new) in the fridge.

To Make a Latte:
  1. Put 2-3 pumps (1-2 Tbsp.) of the syrup in the bottom of a cup/mug.
  2. Add the coffee/espresso powder or brewed espresso plus the hot milk, stir to combine.
  3. Top with whipped cream and some of the caramel molasses drizzle, sprinkling on cinnamon or nutmeg if you like. Enjoy!
Multiply or divide the recipe as necessary for your needs.

For spices, I like to use whole cinnamon sticks (ground tends to get REALLY clumpy) and whole vanilla bean.



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    Some are having trouble with the giveaway widget on the blog post – hang tight if you are interested in entering and it isn’t working for you!

  2. Hooray for coffee and molasses. It was my go-to coffee drink when I got the pumpkin spice blues. :) I would love to win one of those handy little AeroPresses. It would work well with my Bodum milk frothing pitcher, which I simply adore.

    • MacSuzie says:

      Bill, I LOVE my AeroPress – I was skeptical that it would give me good coffee, but it works so well! (You should enter – so far no one has – those are pretty good odds, hahaha!) And as far as pumpkin spice goes, I think the gingerbread is my new fave! Hahaha, maybe that old post of yours convinced me… :)

  3. Rachel says:

    OMGOSH that sounds like SUCH an amazing drink. I love eggnog! I wish it wasn’t SO terrible for you. None the less that doesn’t stop me from indulging this time of year!

  4. Kellie Fife says:

    Remember the oatmeal cookie latte that Hubbard & Cravens made? Yum! I’d give the AeroPress in an effort to recreate it!

  5. Lauren says:

    I love everything here. I have never really thought about making my own syrup before. What a great idea.

  6. My favorite is hot chocolate.

  7. kelsey says:

    i really love champagne punch or a great hot chocolate!
    Ladies in Navy

  8. Renée ♥ says:

    I make my own Ginger Syrup, and we use it in everything from cocktails to cranberry sauce. The gingerbread syrup sounds wonderful – I will be trying that soon!

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    Oh my gosh! This looks so good. I love making syrups for cocktails… I think I’ll have to start infusing some other tasty beverages as well!

  10. I’m trying the White Chocolate Mocha…ASAP! That looks so delicious!

  11. Nancy Loring says:

    I think with just an little bit of baileys this would be perfect for me.

  12. Nancy Loring says:

    My favorite holiday drink is a raspberry frozen mudslide. Of course this is my favorite drink anytime of the year.

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