Who Is MacSuzie?

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Hi! I’m Lindsey :) My husband, Zak, and I just recently moved to the state of Washington, 3,300 miles away from friends and family. Until recently, we’ve just been using Facebook to keep everyone up to date on our new home and adventures. Friends and family have said for a while now that I should start a blog to share some of my projects and recipes, and I figured now would be the perfect time to start – so, here I am!

Why MacSuzie?

Ever since helping with her wedding, a close friend of mine always jokes that I am her “Martha.” Coincidentally, a few years later, a coworker friend of mine gave me the nickname “MacMartha.” She laughed at how I seemed to channel a little “MacGyver” and “Martha Stewart” in my everyday life, due to my love of labeling and all things home, coupled with being able to make things work with what’s available to me. I joked around that if I ever did get around to starting a blog I should call it “MacMartha” after that nickname. It just kind of stuck, and really is the perfect name for what I do. Plus, it sounds way more cool than “Lindsey’s Blog.” Right, ok, I know what you’re thinking… ‘She just said “MacMartha,” not “MacSuzie”… What’s up with that?’

As I was working on my site and post ideas, I said to myself, “Self, something just doesn’t seem right…” Martha (along with so many food, DIY and blogging “greats”) may give me ideas for food, crafts and decor, but she isn’t really the inspiration or the reason for my passion for cooking and being creative around my home. THAT comes from my family, especially from my mom, Suzanne, who is MY model of a “Suzie Homemaker.” She may not be your typical type of homemaker, but she sure is in her own right. Despite working two jobs for most of my childhood, she always managed to attend all her daughters’ school functions and extra-curriculars, have a delicious homemade meal on the dinner table, PLUS find time to do all the yard work, tend a garden, put up home-canned food from said garden, bake cookies with her daughters, take us camping, and the list goes on and on. The ultimate “Suzie Homemaker” in my mind. Naturally, since I am her daughter, her love of being in the kitchen and making her house a home for her family has definitely passed on to me. Yet, true to my personality I have to put my own spin on it. Hence, MacSuzie.

About Me

I think we all want real life to be as effortless and organized as HGTV, the Food Network and Pinterest make it look. But let’s face it! The rest of us “real” people do not have a TV crew, prop master, makeup artist, food stylist, etc. to make things absolutely amazing – I just have my husband and a camera, and sometimes I have to bribe him to get him to help! Plus, I sure don’t have state of the art cookware, top notch power tools or a $1000 sewing machine. Hell, I’m lucky if the pan I want to use is clean or I can find my scissors…

Along the way, I’ve made plenty of mistakes (I knew I should’ve grabbed an extra yard of that fabric just in case!), tried recipes I hated (those cookies were gross without the butter!), and stayed up working on something until it’s four o’clock in the morning, I can’t see straight, and my husband has fallen asleep on the couch waiting for me to come to bed (his favorite way of “helping”). Whatever I’ve made may not be perfect, and it may not have gone as planned, but as my husband would say – life’s an f-ing adventure, right? That’s pretty much the motto around this house! Really, I just want to make things taste good and/or look good without gluing my fingers together or burning the house down in the process. And maybe have some fun, too. ;-D That’s not too much to ask, is it?

My Inspiration

MacSuzie.com isn’t something new and crazy, I’m just here to document my real life “adventures” around my home. You will find a little bit of everything: cooking/baking, crafts, beauty, home stuff, things for all seasons, family, travel, and a little of the wisdom I pick up along the way. I’d call my style comfortable and homey, with a lot of color. I’m especially inspired by my mom and grandma, and our family’s traditions. I also love things from days gone by (a Buzzfeed quiz aptly placed me in the 50’s), although I’m not exclusively a vintage girl. I love to re-purpose, giving old things a fresh look with a dash of “MacGyver” and a sprinkle of “Suzie Homemaker” thrown in for good measure.

I fully admit some of my ideas are not original – I’m just not creative like that too often. Or maybe I’m just too lazy… But who cares? The point is that I pull inspiration from the experts (the professional “Suzie Homemakers” of the world) then add my own spin (a little “Macgyver-ing,” if you will) and go from there. Sometimes the original is right on the money (yay – no extra thinking!), and the classics are well, classic, and don’t need any messing with. However, I do sometimes change things up to accommodate my personal tastes, budget and skill level. I will always tell you where I got the original idea, any changes I made, and how it turned out – good or bad! Feel free to borrow my ideas if what I did floats your boat, or do your own thing. I only ask that if you post or share something publicly, please make sure to give credit where credit is due – not just to me but anyone/anything else that might inspire your project.

I hope you enjoy reading and perhaps get inspired around your own home!

♥ Lindsey

a.k.a. “MacSuzie”

2 Responses to Who Is MacSuzie?

  1. Mellissa says:

    Saw your comments on another blog and as a fellow Hoosier from the region thought I’d check out your blog. Love the posts/photos from your new home-especially the WA/IN frame. My hubby is from TX and we lived there for 5 years, so I understand being far from family. Best wishes!

  2. MacSuzie says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Mellissa! It’s always great to hear from another Hoosier – especially one from the ‘region!’ You wouldn’t believe how many Indiana transplants are out here in the Portland/Vancouver area – several from my hometown even :) And yes, it has been tough living away from my family, but we’ve started to make new friends, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s so much to see and do around here – helps distract from homesickness!

    Anyway, thanks again for checking me out :) Be sure to follow me on Pinterest and or Facebook/Twitter – I plan on posting many more long-distance gifting/care package ideas, plus the improvements/decor we add to our new house, and recipes, too!

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